Life stress can negatively affect your mind, body and spirit. Unmanaged life stress may overload your immune, hormonal, or cardiovascular systems. Your emotions may be out of balance. You may develop depression, addictions, and your interpersonal relationships may suffer.

If you are experiencing current major life stress or unresolved past traumas, I can help you. I have almost 15 years of experience teaching, researching and treating the affects of stress on the mind, body, spirit, and relationships. No matter how low you feel, there is always room for recovery and growth. With the right support and skills you can begin to build the life you want.

My therapeutic manner is respectful, collaborative, gentle, and encouraging. I support your strengths and allow you space for your suffering. I provide a safe setting which combines emotional support with teaching skills such as mindfulness, cognitive reframing, expression, and relaxation.

I have sophisticated skills in therapeutic techniques that include but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral techniques that have been shown to work in clinical research studies and are considered the most effective treatment for anxiety disorders and depression. I also teach you to identify, accept, and express emotions and to deal with negative thought patterns. I also teach problem solving and communication skills to help strengthen your relationships. I use existential and cognitive techniques to help you find meaning and reengage in life and to have healthier relationships.

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I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, educator, and wellness coach in Boise Idaho. I have worked in various clinical settings since 2002, including mental health centers, hospitals, and private practice. I have conducted workshops for professionals, students, and the general public on topics that include Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Men and Depression, “The Connection: Mind your body”, and Keys to a Thriving Healthy Relationships.

I specialize in working with people experiencing grief, loss, anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties. I also work with individuals searching for meaning in their lives or struggling with daily life, helping to support them on their path toward healing and growth. I believe therapy involves all aspects of the self, including the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual. I utilize an integrative approach with an emphasis on strength based therapy and have received advanced training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy, Mind Body Medicine.

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